Redefining Your Life – Book 1


This book serves as a guide to help you find your Core, re-align or recalibrate, your life actions, thoughts and future directions.

Comes in small bite sizes, one thing at a time, with guides and prompters for action.

All pictures and illustrations are owned by author.

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Include FREE:
100 Days Planner with Quotes in editable PDF

My Inner Coach Mini Series

On one’s life’s journey, there is a time we suddenly stop and ask ourselves, Who am I? Or Why can’t I be me?
We grew up with external influences that moulds our character but at some point, we realise we want to be free to be understood and cherished for who we are because, in living for others, we lost ourselves.

Originally produced as in-house program, it is now available in mini series format. The first of its series is Redefining Your Life – Book 1. It will be followed by Redefining Your Relationship – Book 2 and Redefining Your World – Book 3, targeted to be released by end of 2022.

In between these release, there will also be other products in the pipeline that complements My Inner Coach Mini Series.


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